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For a one-time cost of only $4.99 you get access to this database which contains information for hundreds of Australian Wholesalers. Categories include electronics, clothes, art, sporting goods, toys, health supplies and cosmetics, jewellery, computers and software, mobile phone accessories, adult products and more. It is suprising how many day-to-day household items can be bought cheaply at wholesalers.

Use this information to buy cheap items for your house, or to set up your own eBay store and resell at a profit. You will find this information neatly set out by category so it is easy to go straight to the section you are interested in and get your information fast.

There are manufacturers, importers, distributors and boutique dealers with many different products and brands available (too many to list). I have also included a section which specifies the resources used to create this list so you can check and update this yourself.After payment has been received you will be sent your access information. You don't download anything, you access it online. This gives you the bonus of being able to access this anytime from anywhere and having the benefit of free updates. Click on a link and go straight to the company you are looking for; this is the best and easiest to use wholesale list you will find.

So you get:
A list of hundreds of Australian Wholesalers selling all categories of products cheap;
Free updates for ever;
Access to a number of free Australian Wholesale Guides (included in resource section); A list of resources to enable you to find any product at the best price. All this for only $4.99. You will save this many time over, I know I have.

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