14 ebooks plus RESALE RIGHTS!

Learn the secret and forbidden practices of witchcraft.

For centuries, witches practiced their craft while shrouded in secrecy - forced underground in order to escape persecution.  Now you can discover the secrets of this ancient craft.  Long forbidden, hidden secrets are revealed.  This fabulous eBook collection will help the beginner start their journey toward becoming a fully initiated witch.  How to Cast Spells!  How to Invoke Your Innate Powers!  Information-Packed!

Unleash your magical powers!

Product Description:

14 WICCA PAGAN/WITCHCRAFT EBOOKS with RESALE RIGHTS.  If you are curious about the Wicca, Pagan or Witchcraft in general than these Ebooks are perfect for you! You can also RESELL them and keep the profits for yourself! Here is what you get:

Remember you are getting 14 WICCA/PAGAN/WITCHCRAFT EBOOKS with RESALE RIGHTS so you can resell these and keep 100% of the profits for yourself!
Sell them individually or as a set.

If you have any questions send an email to paul@pva68.com

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